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J.A. Evans Fire Protection is a privately owned company, established in 2007 and based in Milton Ontario providing residents with Milton Fire Safety products. We are a fully certified company with a vast working knowledge of the fire protection rules and regulations to ensure complete safety and compliance. We specialize in the sales and service of fire and safety equipment. With over 10 years experience in the fire protection industry our number one goal is to get people informed and prepared so they will be ready if a fire occurs. It is with great pride that we provide the highest quality fire protection and safety products for the Milton area and surrounding GTA. Such as the full line of Amerex Fire Extinguishers, from 2.5lb ABC fire extinguisher to 350lb ABC wheeled unit fire extinguisher.

J.A. Evans Fire Protection has a fully equipped mobile recharging and testing vehicle. This means we can service ABC Dry Chemical, Water, Class D, and Wet Chemical fire extinguishers right on site.

Servicing fire extinguishers is the right choice when it comes to cutting down on cost and helping the environment. If fire extinguishers are simply replaced when they became due for service, it creates a lot of unnecessary waste. Servicing fire extinguishers can keep an ABC dry chemical fire extinguisher in service for 25 years and Water or CO2 extinguishers in service for 50 years. The cost of servicing a fire extinguisher can be less than half the price of buying a new unit.

Please take a moment to review our web site, which details the Fire Safety products and services we provide. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us anytime. Thanks you for your time.


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